Community Hub

Part of The 1911 Café is to bring you a community hub experience. When we opened in the middle of a lockdown (June 2020) some of our original plans to make the café in to a hub had to be put on the back burner. 
At this present time we are just delivering stage 2 of our our 3 stage plan. We have exciting developments for stage 3 (when we are back to normal) and we hope that the early part of 2021 will bring these to you.
These include things like book clubs, knit and natter, evening events, charity events and giving back to the community and supporting local community projects.
We hope that this can begin in 2021 if restrictions are lifted, and we can bring our community hub experience to you.
If you are an organisation or group of people that want to run a daytime event for example a walking group, book club or cycling club and you would like to use the hub as a base in the future, please get in touch