Please read our FAQ section 

I have set The 1911 café as a COVID safe environment which includes a socially distancing environment, sanitisation of the café, a place I want you to feel safe. This includes taking information for NHS track and trace.

Our staff are fully trained in cleaning and serving processes. please can I remind customer to respect social distancing and party numbers which is a maximum of 6 people as per government law and rules.

We are all in this together. Stay safe and help each other.

If you feel unwell with COVID symptoms or you are waiting on a test result after a COVID-19 test please do not enter The 1911 Café for information on COVID-19 please visit https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covid-19/

What will I expect on my visit to The 1911 Café under current restrictions and social distancing?

We understand it’s not going to be just walk in and put your bum on a chair, things are going to be a bit different when you visit us at The 1911 Café.

Firstly MASKS all customers will be required to wear a mask when entering, exiting and whilst not at their tables. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR MASK LYING AROUND, PLEASE DISPOSE OF IT IN THE BINS IF YOU DO NOT REQUIRE IT. ANY LEFT MASKS WILL BE BINNED


We will be asking for everyone’s contact details, this is just a name and telephone number and will be used for NHS track and trace in the event of an incident. This information will be securely kept for 21 days and will be shredded after this time period. Your details will not be kept for any other purpose. As of 29th March this request is compulsory, and EVERY PERSON over the age of 16's information is required either collected manually or by using the QR code NHS track and trace app poster on entry or around the café we will refuse entry by government ruling if you decline to provide us with this information, if you refuse to provide this you will be asked to leave.

When you arrive you will be greeted and asked to sit at a table allocated which has been sanitised. You will be given a disposable menu. Please take this or discard of it in the bins provided when you have finished with it. On the menu you will see our text ordering number which is 07958788911. Decide what food and drinks you want send us a text, we will then text you back order confirmed. We will then bring your order out in full usually around 10-15 mins later depending of what you order of course. When it comes to paying we will come to your table to take payment on our contactless card machine or you can use cash but at this time please try and use the card facilities to keep things as contact free as possible. We take all major credit and debit cards and also google and Apple Pay mobile device payments.

During your visit we ask you to stay seated at all times, this includes children. We need to adhere to the rules of being contact free and we need your help on that. If you drop something on the floor for example spill a drink tell us immediately so we can assist clear it up. If you use tissues, wipes or napkins, please dispose of these in the bins provided and do not leave them on the table or plates. There are hand sanitizers throughout the café please use them before and after eating

Important information If you arrive wearing gloves you will be asked to remove them. The blue or black medical style Gloves are the biggest germ carrying item you can wear. We don’t know how long you have been wearing the gloves, and the minute you touch a surface you contaminate the surface and yourself. All of our areas including the tables, chairs, plates, forks, counters and card machine are sanitised after each use. Let’s keep it clean please. If you do not remove your gloves we will refuse service, sorry, I want to keep my cafe clean and safe for all.

We have removed the coat pegs, please keep your personal property with you at all times

Are you open for a a dine in service?

As per current restrictions we are only open for outdoor dining and takeaway from 14th April 2021

Will I have to book a table?

We are busy at popular times, these are around 11:30 to 1:30 and we do not want to disappoint, If you wish to book a table please contact us on 01922408900 or 07958788911.

When are you open?

We will be open from 14th April 2021 from 10am. We will be open until further notice Wednesday to Saturday with a limited menu, we will also be open for takeaway collection only orders. Please note our seating is outdoor only at this present time as per current guideline restrictions.

What about my safety when I collect my takeaway order?

We will only accept takeaway orders over the telephone. All you need to do is choose from our menu which is available here and on our Facebook page. Call us on 01922408900 or 07958788911, place your order, pay over the phone is available, and then we will give you a time to collect. Then you collect and take it away to enjoy.

Can I pay by card?

Yes we take all major credit and debit cards, also Apple and google pay. We have contactless payments and the ability to pay over the phone. We also take cash payments. We are unable to accept cheques.

Are you doing afternoon tea?

Not a sit in service, we do have a variety of afternoon tea and entertaining boxes from £10 per person for take away order For more information please call us 01922408900 or 07959788911.

Are you open in the evening?

We intend to do some evenings in the future.... watch this space for further details

Are you recruiting?

Unfortunately not at this current stage, we may in the future, and this will be advertised on our website and social media channels if so.

I have a voucher from the old school tea rooms, can I use it?

Unfortunately no, The 1911 Café is a new business. as far as records show from the previous business all vouchers were redeemed or refunded. If you feel this is not the case you will need to contact the previous owners of The Old School Tea Rooms, Essington Parish Council on 01922711608.

Will you sell vouchers for gifts?

We sell gift vouchers in £10 increments, you can buy these online at our voucher site Buy a gift card

Can I book a future event such as afternoon tea party or a baby shower?

Not at the moment we have strict guidelines to adhere to, We may bring this back in the future. If you wish to arrange for us to cater for your event outside of our premises, then please get in touch.

Something wasn’t right and I want to complain?

Like many businesses we pride ourselves in our service and food quality, if something you receive from The 1911 Café is not up to standard or is not right, we would appreciate that you contact myself direct by calling 01922408900 or 07958788911 at anytime to discuss your concern, and I would only be too happy to resolve the issue immediately. If you write a complaint on a review site then this will be responded to by asking you to come and discuss this with me in person or over the telephone, where we can resolve the matter. Many businesses suffer over fake reviews from competition and abuse from review sites. I will not tolerate this level of review and I am 100% behind the service and quality we offer. Please think before writing a review. Not just for ourselves but all businesses and services you use

I have a question that is not on here?

Drop us an email hello@1911cafe.co.uk and we will answer it for you